Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly Fighter; 7 inch blade, 11.75 inch OAL, 7.15 oz weight, box elder scales. Beautiful leather sheath with inlay.
Dave Kelly Utility; 5.25 inch Thunderforged bird’s eye damascus blade, 10.25 inch OAL, 7.1 oz weight, stag scales. This is one cuts like a razor!
Dave Kelly Hunter; 5.5 inch 1095 blade with an incredible hamon, 10.75 inch OAL, 11 oz weight, simply beautiful mammoth ivory scales. The stunning bolster and liner treatment, along with one of the nicest sheaths I have handled, help take this knife to the next level…this is my favorite fixed blade in the collection!
Dave Kelly Utility; 5 inch blade, 10 inch OAL, 7.25 oz weight, mammoth ivory scales.
Dave Kelly Utility; 4.75 inch blade, 8.5 inch OAL, 5 oz weight, stag scales. Incredible hamon!