Kitchen Handmade

Anryu Sujiki: 10.6 inch Aogami #2 Steel hammered blade, 16.75 inch OAL, 6.1 oz weight, wood handle with ebony ferrule. Stainless clad.
Balete Blades (Sean Alonzo) ‘Samurai’ Gyuto; 8.1 inch ATS-34 blade, 14 inch OAL, 205 g weight, tapered brass bolster, Carabao Horn spacer, stabilized Amboyna burl handle with an encapsulated sculpture of a Samurai Kabuto Helmet in bullet shell brass, Katana in 99.9% pure silver, encapsulated in honey dyed clear epoxy resin.
Seth Burton Chef Knife; 9.75 inch S90V steel blade, 14.5 inch OAL, 432 g weight, carved Purpleheart wood handle, mokume bolsters and mosaic pins.
Daovua Gyuto; 9.25 inch carbon steel (leaf spring) blade, 14.75 inch OAL, 149 g weight, wood scales. Fit and finish is shaky but a great cutter!
Audra Draper Chef Knife; 9 inch Draper damascus blade, 14.25 inch OAL, 9.75 oz weight, ivory micarta handle, mokume bolster.
Audra Draper ‘Lil Brother’; 5 inch Draper damascus blade, 9 inch OAL, 3.75 oz weight, ivory micarta handle, mokume bolster.
Gerald Drew Fillet Knife: 7.25 inch damascus blade, 12 inch OAL, 120 g weight. The handle is walnut with copper pin and guard. My favorite fillet knife!
Robert Eggerling Kiritsuke Gyuto; 10.4 inch 12N20 blade, 14.75 inch OAL, 305 g weight. Made by the master of damascus, this a wonderful knife to use, very comfortable in the hand.
Robert Erickson Gyuto; 8.75 inch 52100 blade, 14 inch OAL, 213 g weight. A very thin, sharp, useable knife!
Robert Erickson Gyuto; 6.5 inch 52100 blade, 11.5 inch OAL, 162 g weight. A very thin, sharp, useable knife also!
Teruyasu Fujiwara ‘Denka’ Santuko;
Teruyasu Fujiwara ‘Maboroshi’ Gyuto; 8 inch white #1 blade, 12.75 inch OAL, 165 g weight, maple handle.
Gesshin Ginga Petty; 8 inch stainless steel blade, 13.5 inch OAL, 64 g weight, Oval hoo wood handle
Doc Gundersen Chef Knife; O1 steel blade, ebony handles.
Doc Gundersen Fillet knife; 7 inch O1 steel blade, 11.5 inch OAL, 3.6 oz weight, wood handle.
Randy Hass Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9.5 inch Devin Thomas ‘Bird’s Eye’ stainless damascus blade with Haas damascus bolsters, 15 inch OAL, 315 g weight, stag scales. Unfortunately the heat treat was not done correctly and the knife does not hold an edge.
Butch Harner Petty; 4.5 inch Eggerling damascus blade, 9.55 inch OAL, 4 oz weight, blackpalm wood handle. Butch did an incredible job on this knife!
HSC (Harbeer Chahal) Gyuto; 8.25 inch white #1 blade, 14 inch OAL, 168 g weight, burl handle. Great lazer, gotta be careful with the extremely thin edge.
HSC (Harbeer Chahal) Petty; 7 inch ZWear blade, 12.5 inch OAL, 104 g weight, lacewood handle with white G10 and wenge ferrule. Super smooth cutter, long lasting edge.
Iron Grove Forge Santuko;
Thita Chef Knife; 7.5 inch ATS-34 blade, 13 inch OAL, 326 g weight, burl handle, Eggerling damascus bolster and end piece. This knife gets incredible sharp for ATS-34; it is very thin behind the edge.
John Johnson Fillet Knife: 7 inch ATS-34 blade, 12 inch OAL, 3.25 oz weight, neoprene handle.
Kato Petty; 6 inch Shirogami clad with stainless steel blade, 10.75 inch OAL, 71 g weight, Oval hoo and red pakka wood handle.
7th Dragon Knifeworks (Michael Kerley) Gyuto; 8.25 inch W2 s-grind blade, 13.75 inch OAL, 147 g weight, padauk handle. This is a light but formidable cutter.
7th Dragon Knifeworks (Michael Kerley) Petty; 6.5 inch 1095 s-grind blade, 10.75 inch OAL, 75 g weight, handle is African blackwood, white G10, and quilted maple. Interesting and useful little knife, mainly due to it’s height.
Kikuichi Gyuto; 8.25 inch AEB-L damascus steel blade, 14.25 inch OAL, 140 g weight, rosewood handle. A very thin knife, great cutter.
Konosuke Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9 inch white #1 blade, 15.25 inch OAL, 198 g weight, ebony handle.
Konosuke Yanagiba; 10.5 inch white #1 blade, 16.75 inch OAL, 248 g weight, ebony handle. An amazing slicer.
Daniel Koster Butcher Knife: 10 inch 1084 blade, 15 inch OAL, 10.6 oz weight, wood handle.
Steven Koster M.S. Gyuto; 8.25 inch damascus blade, 13.25 inch OAL, 7 oz weight, integral bolster, koa wood handle.
Kurosaki Gyuto; 8.5 R2 blade with ‘Shizuku’ (droplet) finish, 14.5 inch OAL, 147 g weight, ho wood handle. Both in terms of fit and finish and cutting ability this is an awesome knife! Yu Kurosaki is one of my favorite Japanese makers.
Long Fillet Knife: 7.5 inch 440C blade, 11.5 inch OAL, 5.2 oz weight, micarta scales.
Dave Martell Gyuto; 8.75 52100 blade, 14.25 inch OAL, 220 g weight, wood handle. This is an awesome cutter.
Masamoto Yanagiba; 10.25 inch white #1 blade, 16.5 inch OAL, 6.25 oz weight, ho wood handles.
John McCabe Kiritsuke Gyuto; 9 inch BS1407 blade, 14.25 inch OAL, 247 g weight, thuya burl handle, integral construction. Incredible cutter with an almost perfect grind and edge! A beautifully made saya also.
Peter McKinley ‘Hachidori’ Gyuto; 9 inch 52100 blade, 15.5 inch OAL, 262 g weight, red maple and rosewood handle with forged copper habaki. The saya with this knife is the best I’ve seen (you have to see the pictures).
Petr Melicharek ‘Fester’ Gyuto; 8.5 inch damascus blade with O2 edge, 14 inch OAL, 278 g weight, carved black locust burl handle with damascus bolster. This knife has to be seen to be believed.
Petr Melicharek ‘Rose’ Sujiki: 9.75 inch damascus blade with O2 core, 16 inch OAL, 231 g weight, carved Arizona ironwood handle with damascus and stainless steel ferrule. One of the most incredible knives I own.
Native Alaskan Ulu; 5 inch blade, 3.25 oz weight, bone handle.
Pablo Quaglino BBQ Knife; 7.75 inch 5160 blade with integral bolster, 13.25 inch OAL, 7.2 oz weight, rosewood handle.
Pablo Quaglino Gyuto; 7.5 inch O1 blade, 12.5 inch OAL, 5 oz weight, integral forged bolster, lapacho handle.
Raymond Richard Slicer; 7.75 inch 52100 blade, 14.5 inch OAL, 272 g weight, iron bolster.
Mark Roe Gyuto; 7.5 inch Roe feather damascus blade, 13.25 inch OAL, 191 g weight, dyed box elder burl handle, black linen Micarta and nickel silver bolster.
Daniel Rohde Chef Knife; 8 inch 52100 blade, 12 inch OAL, 244 g weight. A very original carved handle out of beautiful ivory micarta.
Daniel Rohde Paring Knife; 3.25 inch AEB-L blade, 7 inch OAL, 2.3 oz weight. Another original carved handle out of corian. An incredibly well made knife.
Fred Rowe Fillet Knife: 5.5 inch damascus blade, 10.5 inch OAL, 3.6 oz weight. The handle is stabilized red malle’ burl, buff horn, copper and black fiber spacers. A really great user.
Takeshi Saji Oni Boucho: 8 inch Thick San Mai blade, 13 inch OAL, wooden handle with rattan wrapping.
Takeshi Saji Custom Sujiki: 10 inch San mai blade, 15.25 inch OAL, 10.75 oz weight, micarta scales. Made from a drawing faxed to the maker in Japan.
Sakai Masashige Usuba: 7.75 inch single bevel blade, 14 inch OAL, 9 oz weight. Wood handle with buffalo horn ferrule.
Sawby-Mullin Cleaver; 7.5 inch blade, 12.25 inch OAL. A very early example of a kitchen knife by two of the best knifemakers.
Grant Saxman San Mai Gyuto; 7.5 inch blade, 12.25 inch OAL, oz weight. Wrought iron cladding, stabilized red mallee burl with a blackwood bolster.
Tim Scholl Fillet Knife: 7 inch damascus blade, 12 inch OAL, 3.8 oz weight, oosiac and stacked leather handle.
Shigefusa Gyuto; 10.75 inch blade, 17 inch OAL, 234 g weight, wood handle.
Shigefusa Nakiri; 8.25 blade, 14.5 inch OAL, 248 g weight, ho wood handle.
ShiHan Petty; 8.25 inch 52100 steel hammered blade, 14 inch OAL, 4 oz weight, magnolia handle with horn ferrule. This is an awesome knife.
Rob Simonich Talonite ‘Gettier’ Chef; 9.75 inch Talonite full tang blade, 15 inch OAL, 11.5 oz weight, brown micarta scales.
Murray St Amour Fillet: 6.5 inch S30V blade, 11.25 OAL, 106 g weight, stag handle.
Mert Tansu Gyuto; 8.6 inch 52100 blade, 14.75 inch OAL, 207 g weight, burl handle with walrus ivory bolsters. Great workhorse! Really nice saya by J. Garza.
PJ Tomes M.S. Chef Knife; 8.25 inch 52100 blade, 13.75 inch OAL, 283 g weight, walrus ivory handle. This is probably my finest chef knife.